Tuesday, May 01, 2007


It was an unusual month, in that Front Porch was not where I played the most. I don't know if that's happened in any month since I started. This past month also is the 12th month I've performed in, marking the end of my first year as a songwriter and performer. I'm pretty proud of that. I also wrote 2 new songs in April, bringing my total to 13. One of the new ones, "Let's Get Married Tonight," just might be the best song I've written.

I started the month playing at Front Porch Music. Graham was the host and I asked him to sit in with me on the first number...the only problem was that my guitar was slightly out of tune. Oops. I borrowed his guitar for my second song.

Apr. 5 - The Only Thing (Graham on lead guitar, my guitar out of tune); Dear Prospective Employer (on Graham's guitar)

Starting on Apr. 10 and then for the next two Tuesdays, I went to the open mic at Anneliesje's. As I've mentioned, it's a much looser atmosphere - people can actually talk while you're playing, which is fine. The tradeoff is that you usually get 4 songs, twice as much as the Porch.

Apr. 10 - That's Okay; Decoder Ring; The Only Thing; Dear Prospective Employer

Apr. 17 - A Phase; Let's Get Married Tonight (debut); Woke Up; Holding Pattern (a request from Andrea)

Apr. 24 - Song For A Day; Let's Get Married Tonight; an aborted attempt at a new song; Dear Prospective Employer; That's Okay

I finished off the month by going back to Front Porch. There was a weird energy in the place and I just felt a bit off, though things went well enough. I played the song I had tried doing on Tuesday; I had tried playing it write after writing it and didn't have the melody down yet.

Apr. 26 - Until The Weather (debut); Let's Get Married Tonight

That's it for April. May is not going to get off to a good start, as I am very much under the weather with a cough and head congestion. Maybe I'll make it to the Porch on Thursday...

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