Sunday, May 13, 2007


I want to wish all the mothers reading this blog (and I'm pretty sure there aren't any) a Happy Mother's Day. For all the rest of you, I hope you have a nice Sunday. My plan is to finish the remaining 150 pages or so of the Chabon, do some laundry, watch some baseball and the usual Sunday night TV. Here's the music...

1. La Coasta Bianca/Josh Rouse (9)
2. Mr. Grieves/TV On The Radio (11)
3. Shot in the Arm (live)/Jeff Tweedy (5)
4. Heaven Only Knows/Mary Weiss (3)
5. Pretty Mary K (Other Version)/Elliott Smith (3)
6. Burn That Broken Bed/Iron and Wine, Calexico (14)
7. Young Liars/TV On The Radio (9)
8. European Oils/Destroyer (9)
9. Green Fields/The Good, The Bad & The Queen (4)
10. Looking Over My Shoulder/Elliott Smith (3)

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