Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Yeah, it's time for some more useless numbers. But I like doing them, so here they are. Why do you think I like baseball so much? You know, I started out the month keeping track of everything but washed out about halfway through the month - that's taking the numbers too far even for me. Anyway...

I read 3 books in April (if you count Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which I finished yesterday), bringing my total to 11 for the year. I've decided to make a ridiculous goal of reading 5 books in May, so we'll see how that plays out.

I read 12 stories in April, bringing my total to 73 on the year. I only got around to 1 issue each of Asimov's and F&SF. So, I still have a few piled up. And if I make my books goal, the story number isn't likely to grow much. Hmm, where was all my reading this past month?

Comics? Not really. I only read 16 comics in April and only one of those was a trade (book #4 in the "Hellboy Project"). That puts the total at 73 through four months, exactly the same as short stories. Interesting. Of course, April is where I made the decision to go back to trades and drop singles; I only have 4 single issues I plan on buying, one of which (the last issue of 52) comes out today.

I bought or downloaded 10 CDs in April, bringing the year's total to 34. Only one was an EP. I also grabbed 1 song off eMusic, bringing the song total to 8. Some new stuff in there too, which is always nice.

I saw one movie in the theater - Grindhouse, bringing my total to 4. That might be equal to how many I saw in theaters all of last year. Pretty close, I'm guessing. May should see that number close to double too.

DVDs? I'm not sure. I remember we watched The Departed and The Illusionist. I know Grant and I watched more of Superman Animated Volume 2. Oh, Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. That might be it.

I also worked through my magazines and I've decided not to obsess over them anymore. I've got enough to read as it is and I use the TV and online for my news and sports as much as anything else.

Okay, I'll stop boring you now.

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