Sunday, April 29, 2007


Here we are at the last Sunday in April already, a third of the year just about over. The good news is that after a colder spell in the middle of the week, the weekend has been gorgeous here in NW Indiana (it's supposed to be in the low 80s today!). Even better news is that I worked hard yesterday (a two hour training at work, cleaning the house, taking apart the trampoline, mowing the lawn, and taking off the storm windows), so all I have to do today is the laundry. I plan on enjoying the weather, watching sports, and reading. And giving you ten songs of my iTunes, of course...

1. Old College Try/The Mountain Goats (10)
2. The First Vietnamese War/Black Angels (11)
3. Pregnant/Cold War Kids (6)
4. Down in the Valley/The Brokedown (13) - also listened to 9 times on their first album as The Broken West
5. Van Occupanther/Midlake (4)
6. Puttin' on the Dog/Tom Waits (4)
7. Moral Centralia (demo)/Harvey Danger (7)
8. Game Shows Touch Our Lives/The Mountain Goats (11)
9. The Birth And Death Of The Day/Explosions In The Sky (4)
10. End of Amnesia/M. Ward (4)

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