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MAR. 21

52 #46 - Most of the issue focuses on Black Adam's attack on Oolong Island, though we also see Luthor trying to escape justice yet again and Atom-Smasher wanting to rejoin the JSA in order to track down Black Adam. There are some funny bits with the mad scientists of Oolong and some character work with Will Magnus. It's a solid issue but not amongst the best of the series.

Justice Society of America #4 - This is the conclusion of the first arc of the relaunched title. Wildcat and his son battle Vandal Savage while other members of the team go up against the Nazis. And you know, I've accepted the Nazis as villains here, since the JSA and All-Star Squadron dealt with them a lot back in the 40s. It makes sense in an arc looking at the "Next Age" of the JSA. A solid conclusion to the story with a few interesting developments at the end and a humdinger of a last page that points to the continued existence of the Legion of Super-Heroes I grew up with. I will have a hard time waiting for a trade with this title, so I may still buy this in singles.

The Brave and the Bold #2 - A very good second issue to another title that I may resist waiting for the trade on. And yes, it's as much for the busy Perez art as Waid's writing. The main hero combo here is Green Lantern and Supergirl, which has a bit of humor with Hal reminding himself that Supergirl is only a teenager. We also see the new Blue Beetle pop up alongside Batman, which is the focus of the next issue. And yes, more of the Book of Destiny. This comic is right in my wheelhouse.

Checkmate #12 - I can't believe this book has been around for a year already. It's another solid issue as we see game within games, most played by Amander Waller. Fire stands up for what she believes in at a cost to her family loyalty and Tommy Jaeger shows restraint in fighting Bane, the man who killed his father. I will probably move towards trades for this title, especially since next issue starts a crossover with The Outsiders.

The Spirit #4 - We meet C.I.A. Agent Silk Satin, see Hussein resurface, learn about The Octopus and his criminal organization The Octagon, and get great more great art from Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone. This is good comics but I can probably wait for trades on this as well.

MAR. 28

52 #47 - Finally, more Animal Man! He is pulled into Space B by the yellow-skinned aliens and show the future in one month's time (does this mean we won't see him again until #51?). We also see Wonder Woman, Robin, and Bruce Wayne in Nanda Parbat; more with Intergang and their crime bible; Montoya discovering the disappearance of Batwoman along with Nightwing; more with Will Magnus; and find out what Steel and his niece are up to. A catch-up issue in a lot of ways but with some good setup for the final five weeks.

Batman #664 - This issue is a bit disjointed and I'm not sure how successful it was. Sure, the Andy Kubert art was great but the story came down to a tease about "the black casebook." I love Morrison but this book may end up shifting to trades as well.

I also left 2 comics in my box and will probably put them back on the shelves - Action Comics and Wonder Woman. Not too interested in a fill-in on the former (even though it's written by Dwayne McDuffie) and not sure about following another new writer on the latter.

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