Sunday, April 01, 2007


Jill and Grant got me a nice shiny silver iPod Nano for my birthday. I loaded on about 300 songs and have been listening to it in shuffle mode, of course. I plan on rotating the albums I have on the iPod...mix it up from time to time. But today's Sunday Shuffle is through iTunes as usual - lots more variety.

1. Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay/Sloan (6)
2. If Work Permits/The Format (8)
3. Microphone Song/Canasta (5)
4. Post-War/M. Ward (18)
5. Hello Lola/Apples in Stereo (5)
6. Division Day/Elliott Smith (7)
7. Between The Bars/Elliott Smith (10)
8. The Geese of Beverly Road (Live)/The National (5)
9. Phone Sex/Superchunk (8)
10. Linda Blair Was Born Innocent/The Mountain Goats (10)

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