Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I wrote another new song today. Well, I figured out the music a couple days ago...just picked up the guitar, put the capo on the first fret, and there the song was - with a lead line too! That's something new for me. I had a lyrical idea, mostly on the chorus, but I couldn't think of how to fit it all together. Then today I was in the shower after being in the pool for a couple hours and it hit me that I could use a lyrical idea I had last week. Took me about no time to write the first four verses (as is typical in many of my songs, two smaller verses form a larger verse, so this would be two large verses). I went out on a walk with Grant and had some dinner and was talking to Graham online and then I got the last large verse. I'm always amazed when they come that quickly. Anyway, I debuted it at Anneliesje's tonight and it went pretty well for being so brand new. It's called "Let's Get Married Tonight." Got a request from Andrea for "Holding Pattern" tonight too, which was cool. Been a while since I played that one.

Yesterday we got a box from Amazon - a CD for Jill and the second volume of Nexus Archives for me. I'm looking forward to diving into stories from 20 plus years ago. Of course, I have a lot to read before I get to it but maybe by the end of May!

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