Saturday, February 17, 2007


The weather conspired against comics lovers in Valparaiso this week - Galactic Greg's didn't get its shipment until Friday. So, I had to wait a few extra days for my comics fix...the good news is that I won't have to wait as long for my next one (hopefully!). It was another small week but I took advantage of a sale today to pick up a new trade (which I probably won't get around to reading for a bit). Anyway, here's the rundown...

52 #41 - This issue catches us up with several storylines. We see Adam Strange and Starfire continuing to have problems on their way home, most notably from bounty hunters working for the now-deceased Lady Styx (is she really?). After a rousing speech by Starfire to a despondent Adam Strange, help arrives in the form of Green Lanterns like Mogo (who's a planet!). Meanwhile, Renee Montoya continues to avoid confronting herself in Nanda Parbat, though she moves closer to becoming the new Question; Ralph Dibny continues to collect magical artifacts with the Helmet of Fate and becomes increasingly more despicable. That's about it. Not a great issue but it moves the plots along. Next week's cover indicates we'll see what Ralph and Fate have been up to...

Justice Society of America #3 - Lots going on here too - Stargirl helps Maxine pick a code name; Hawkman comes to the defense of the remnants of Commander Steel's family and brings one of them to Doctor Mid-Nite for help; we learn more of the Neo-Nazis plot against the families of JSA members and who is behind the whole thing, along with a revelation about Wildcat's newly-revealed son. It's solid stuff but not quite up to the snap of the first two issues.

Batman #663 - Grant Morrison does this issue as a prose short story with spot illustrations by John Van Fleet. It's a Joker story, in which he makes the next evolution in his personality. I guess getting shot in the head can mess a villain up. It's a dark story but done very well; the art doesn't quite reach the level of the prose, however. I like that Morrison took a chance and did something different with this issue but I'm also looking forward to the return of the Morrison/Kubert team next issue.

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