Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Feb. 1 - Front Porch Music - The Sigh Begins (Graham Smith) - piano; Poor (Smith) - harmonica; Dear Prospective Employer; That's Okay; 23 Across (Graham on piano)

Feb. 3 - Boundary Waters - Poor (Smith) - harmonica, backing vocals; Holding Pattern (Graham on lead acoustic guitar, backing vocals); Give Yourself (Smith) - keyboard; Song For A Day (Graham on bass, backing vocals); Liquor Sink (Smith) - bass, backing vocals; 23 Across (Graham on keyboard); Dear Prospective Employer (Graham on bass, backing vocals); The Sigh Begins (Smith) - keyboard; Jews & Gypsies (Smith) - tambourine, backing vocals; Woke Up (Graham on bass, backing vocals)

Feb. 14 - Front Porch Music - Our Love (Rhett Miller); Decoder Ring; Dear Prospective Employer

Feb. 22 - Front Porch Music - Woke Up; Dear Prospective Employer

All songs are mine, unless otherwise noted. I play guitar on all songs, unless otherwise noted. We do have audio of the Boundary Waters show, if anyone is interested in a copy...

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