Sunday, February 25, 2007


How great was Arcade Fire on "SNL" last night? Who will win Oscars tonight? Will our cable ever come back on after last night's ice storm? Should I stop asking questions and just get on with it?

1. Shiftee/The Broken West (6)
2. Fish in the Jailhouse/Tom Waits (4)
3. Get To The Table On Time/M. Ward (5)
4. Art Class (Song for Yayoi Kusama)/Superchunk (6)
5. Late-Century Dream/Superchunk (6)
6. Black Gown/The Lemonheads (9)
7. Bright Eyes Darkened/Slobberbone (12)
8. Hospital Beds/Cold War Kids (5)
9. Working Girls (Sunlight Shines)/Pernice Brothers (8)
10. What Do You Go Home To?/Explosions in the Sky (2)


Trevor said...

I love that Broken West tune

Justin said...

Me too. That's a really good album.