Sunday, February 18, 2007


It's another Sunday where I have to do my progress reports for work - 42 of them this time around. I split them up into different sections throughout the day so it doesn't get to be overwhelming. I'll probably keep iTunes on shuffle while I do them - it takes away the need to use more brain space on deciding what to listen to. Anyway, I'll just give you the first ten like usual...and without any chatter...

1. Sidi Ifni/Cracker (6)
2. (Was I) In Your Dreams/Jeff Tweedy (5)
3. Down in the Valley/The Brokedown (12)
4. Elsinore/The Essex Green (12)
5. Toward The Waves/Twilight Singers (10)
6. Get Out the State/Spoon (10)
7. Kingdom of Spain/The Decemberists (4)
8. The Chinatown Bus/Bishop Allen (6)
9. Wayward and Parliament/Amy Millan (6)
10. There Will Be No Divorce/The Mountain Goats (2)

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