Saturday, March 29, 2008


Two years ago I embarked on "The Year of 35," in which I decided to start doing all the things I'd talked and dreamed about all my life. I picked up the guitar and started writing songs, played in a band, and just had a great time. I kept on going once I turned 36...but in September I let my new responsibilities at work consume me. I have made very few appearances at open mics since then and haven't played a ton of guitar, let along doing creative things with it.

Today I turned 37 and I'm going to use this birthday to propel myself back into music. I want to get back out there and get back to writing songs and just enjoying making music. In addition, I want to follow through with the spirit of "The Year of 35" and add writing to the palette as well. I've wanted to writer for years and years and years. Now's the time to get started. I like my job but I also don't want to do it forever; I need to start building towards the life I want to have.

I'm not going to make any grand statements or specific goals, nor do I know what this will mean for the blog. Changes? No changes? Long absences? Who knows? I'm not going to inundate you with "Year of 37" updates either. It's not a thing, really, just a rededication to what I started 2 years ago. I'm ready to reload and crank it up. Looking forward to it...


Trevor Jackson said...

Happy birthday! Good luck with the new goals.

Justin said...

Thanks, TJ!