Saturday, March 01, 2008


Starting my third year as a member of eMusic and still extremely happy with the service. I am never at a loss for music to download and have to continually put things off until next month (or the next..or the next...). Here's what I picked up in February...

Two Hours Traffic/Little Jabs - I read about this band over at Chromewaves, checked them out via MySpace, and then grabbed the album. It is a great guitar pop album and I have been playing it as much as possible. Highly recommended.

Wisely/Wisely - I heard about this from a couple different people and had seen the video for "Through Any Window," which features the gorgeous Jenna Fischer. It's another pop album, a bit mellow in places but the music is solid even if the lyrics get a little cheesy from time to time. Good stuff.

American Music Club/The Golden Age - This is the second album of AMC's comeback after a long absence (and it's on Merge, which is usually an automatic download for me anyway). Mark Eitzel and Vudi are the only two members left but the music still sounds like them - the silky smooth vocals of Eitzel and the guitar atmospherics of Vudi are employed in mostly mid-tempo numbers this time out. It may not be their best album (and isn't it time for reissues of their early works) but it's really good.

The Raveonettes/Lust Lust Lust - Feedback and melody. I've only listened to this once so far but I liked what I heard and will definitely give it many more listens in the coming weeks.

British Sea Power/Do You Like Rock Music? - Yes. Yes, I do. I've only given this one listen so far too but it has some solid rockers and a soaring anthem or two ("Waving Flags"). A word of warning - the eMusic bonus track is just a noise track and not a particularly good one, so you should skip it.

"Your English Is Good" and "Swedes in Stockholm"/Tokyo Police Club - A single and b-side from a good band that will finally put out a full album in April. Yay!

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