Sunday, March 02, 2008


Last night I went to a high school basketball game at KV, which is where I went to school and where my wife teaches. It was the sectional championship and the Kougars (yes, with a "K") had a chance to win sectionals for the first time since 1992. I was remembering my junior year in high school (20 years ago) when we won sectionals and when the team won last night and the students stormed the court, it took me right back. Sitting a few rows above us were my friends Jeff and Donna - he played on that team and she was one of my best friends. They've been married a long time now and have 4 kids but all of us felt that rush of memory and emotion. It was a fun night.

If I had a way to give you 10 songs from my playlist of 1988 right now I would...but I don't have a way to randomize cassette tapes (nor do I own those tapes anymore). So, let's just say today's shuffle is in the spirit of 1988 and the good times I had...

1. Drop Me Off/Pela (10)
2. Adventures in Solitude/The New Pornographers (14)
3. Lie to Me/Tom Waits (7)
4. Slow Show (Daytrotter Session)/The National (2)
5. It's Me/Dinosaur Jr. (8)
6. I Know You've Come to Take My Toys Away/The Mountain Goats (5)
7. You Can Stay With Me/Mary Weiss (4)
8. Shadowcat/Canasta (6)
9. Enough to Get Away/Joseph Arthur (15)
10. Silverline/M. Ward (5)

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