Friday, March 07, 2008


I watched my 100th episode of TV for 2008 this afternoon. What was the lucky show? Doctor Who, an episode titled "The Lazarus Experiment." Not the best ep of the series but still a solid one. It's the 8th episode of Doctor Who I've seen this year, which means 8% of my viewing this year has been Doctor Who. What leads the way? In Treatment is at 25%, followed by Biggest Loser at 10%, and The Wire with 9%. Huh. 52% of my TV on the year consists of episodes from 4 different shows.

Last night I also read 100 pages of The Somnambulist, my 10th book of the year (multiples of 10 everywhere!). It's a fairly quick read and is interesting so far (and yes, I've gone past 100 pages by now).

I still have money left on a $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble that I got for Christmas. Yes, I've been hoarding it. I went and bought Saturnalia by The Gutter Twins, which is Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli. The disc is moody and heavy and good. I still have about $35 left too!

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