Friday, November 30, 2007


It's the last of the month, so it's time for yet another fun-filled monthly roundup - the penultimate roundup of 2007! Try to contain your excitement...

I read 4 books in November (Patriot Acts; The Abstinence Teacher; The Hidden Family; and 20th Century Ghosts) and am about 90 pages into a fifth (Remainder). That means I am currently working on book #40 for the year, which is unprecedented territory for me in the last decade or more and is my goal for the year. I also have four library books stacked up after that, so I'm well on the way to surpassing that goal.

I read 30 stories in November, which just edges out January to be the high monthly intake. That total includes most of the Oct./Nov. double issue of F&SF, the Dec. issue of Asimov's, and all of 20th Century Ghosts. It also brings the year's total to 187.

I actually read 2 comics in November, a trade (Immortal Iron Fist) and an OGN (Shortcomings). One was purchased and one was from the library. Those two put the total at 111 for the year and I know it will be added to next month, because I bought a new comic today (about which you will be hearing more).

I got 9 new CDs in November, two actual discs (Band of Horses' Cease To Begin and Iron and Wine's The Shepherd's Dog) and 7 downloads (including the bonus EP for Wilco's Sky Blue Sky). That brings the year's total to 99.

Once again, no movies. Still holding at 14.

I actually watched something on DVD this past month - Futurama: Bender's Big Score. More on this in the next couple days...

That's it. Next month will bring not only a monthly roundup but the yearly stats as well. Get ready!

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