Sunday, November 25, 2007


We arrived back home at 5:00 this evening, after a relatively smooth (except for some snow/rain in Indiana) and quick (except for a half hour wait at the toll booth at the end of Ohio) trip. We are unpacked, the laundry is washing, and we're eating some Jimmy John's. Oh, and the Bears are losing too. Anyway, more on our Thanksgiving weekend soon - for now, let's shuffle some songs...

1. Burn That Broken Bed/Iron and Wine & Calexico (17)
2. People Think They Know Me/Sloan (9)
3. My Love Is True/The Broken West (14)
4. Well Thought Out Twinkles/Silversun Pickups (9)
5. A Glow/Okkervil River (8)
6. Things Nobody's Named Yet/Warren Zanes (13)
7. High As A Kite/Pernice Brothers (13)
8. How Can You Be Sure/Radiohead (11)
9. When I Lose My Eyes/Saturday Looks Good To Me (4)
10. Last Time in Love/Sloan (13)

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