Friday, November 09, 2007


Earlier this week I read the new novel from Greg Rucka, Patriot Acts. It's a return to the story of Atticus Kodiak, a former bodyguard who now is partnered with Drama, one of The Ten (most wanted assassins, that is). The new novel picks up right after events in Critical Space (which came out 6 years ago), with the killing of another member of The Ten. Afterwards they go back to a safe house and Kodiak prepares to leave. He is ambushed along the way, then returns to find out the same happened at the safe house. That launches the rest of the book, as Atticus and Alena (Drama) try to remain hidden while also seeking revenge. It's a typical Rucka novel - well done and page-turning with an overreliance on process over plot or characterization at points. Plus, everyone wears a watch cap. Still, the book is worth a read and if you've never read the Kodiak books, go back to Keeper and start.

Just this morning, I finished a new trade (first comic I've bought and read in almost two months), The Immortal Iron Fist: The Last Iron Fist Story. It collects the first six issues of the recently-started comic, plus a short story from one of the many spinoffs to Civil War. It's written by Ed Brubaker (who's written many a fine comic) and Matt Fraction (with whom I'm way less familiar) and drawn by David Aja (with a handful of others in the flashback sections). I don't know very much about Iron Fist, having only read a few stories featuring him (mostly in the John Ostrander-written Heroes For Hire series in the 90s). I picked up the first issue when it came out and like it enough to wait for the trade; I'm not disappointed. Action? Check. Generational super-heroes? Check. Mysteries and secrets? Check. Kung-fu action? Check. Humor? Check. Fantastic art? Ooooh yeah, Aja is amazing. As an added bonus, the trade ends with the promise of more of all of it. Can't wait for the second trade to come out!

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