Friday, November 16, 2007


Last night Grant participated in his first ever academic competition, Spell Bowl. He's been working on a list of 750 words for a couple months now, both with me and at practices with his team. He's comes from a line of people involved in Spell Bowl - I did three of them in high school (we made it to state one year) and my mom has been the coach at her high school for 21 years. Both of us were in attendance last night, along with Jill and my dad.

Grant was one of eight spellers, with each team member spelling seven words. He missed one word, tying him for the best amongst his teammates with four others. I'm sure I was more nervous for him than he was for himself. I'm very very proud of him.

Oh, I spelled along during the competition and missed 6 of 56 words. Two of the elementary schools there had higher scores than that - one of them only missed one word all night. Impressive.

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