Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've just returned from the library, where I had an item waiting for me. A couple days ago I put myself on the list for a bunch of books, because I can't help myself. It's like putting things on your wish list at Amazon, except I can actual get and read all of these. And after finishing The Hidden Family and then Shortcomings (more on which in a bit), I needed some more reading material. Knowing that this checkout would take me through next week's Thanksgiving trip, I grabbed two other books and went to checkout and get the one being held. Turns out I had two now being held. Now I have four books to read...after I finish the Dec. issue of Asimov's. What are they?

Joe Hill/20th Century Ghosts
George R.R. Martin/Dreamsongs
Tom McCarthy/Remainder
David Mizner/Hartsburg, USA

Speaking of multiple incoming pieces of art, I went on a bit of a spree at eMusic yesterday. Yeah, I used up all 65 downloads in one day. I've only listened to each only one time (with the exception of one that I've had a burned copy of for a while), so no comments yet. But here's my 22nd round of downloads...

A.A. Bondy/American Hearts
The Redwalls/The Redwalls
Beirut/The Flying Club Cup
Thurston Moore/Trees Outside the Academy
Spoon/A Series of Sneaks - this is the exception; it has two extra songs tacked on

Okay, Shortcomings. It's the new graphic novel by Adrian Tomine and was serialized in his comic Optic Nerve. I've only ever read one issue of that comic, many years ago. I liked it well enough and really liked Tomine's art style. This new work has been getting rave reviews and since the library had it, why not get it? Well, I'm glad I got it from the library. Tomine's art is great as always but I didn't care much for the story; Ben Tanaka is a jerk who is fixated on white women. That's about it. Sure, there are other characters but none of it was very interesting. And if you can't find any sympathy with the main character, you're not going to care for it much. I though Ben was an ass, pure and simple. Oh well. I read it all last night, so it wasn't a big waste of my time either. Still, I was hoping for better.

Finally, let's talk TV. No, not the least not right now. I am behind on my TV watching. Well, half of it. The shows Jill and I watch together - The Amazing Race, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, 30 Rock, The Office, Scrubs, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - I'm caught up on. The shows that only I (or Grant and I) watch - The Simpsons, Reaper, My Name Is Earl, Friday Night Lights, Legion of Super-Heroes, Doctor Who, and Torchwood - I'm a week behind on. Oh, I have been watching How I Met Your Mother as it airs while Jill is watching Dancing With the Stars and the DVR is capturing Chuck. I also watched the Wilco episode of Austin City Limits but still have the Arcade Fire to watch. I'd like to catch up by the time we leave for PA on Wednesday...gonna have to watch a lot in the near future then. It can be done.

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