Sunday, March 18, 2007


Back to the normal today. I filled out only one bracket for the NCAA tourney this year - I had 28 out of the first 32 games picked correctly. I had a couple losses yesterday and can get 12 out of the Sweet 16 at the most. The good news is all of my Elite 8 teams are still alive, so I could still end up with a respectable showing. We'll see. Anyway, here's today's music...

1. La Dame et la Lincorne/Shearwater (6)
2. Penny on the Train Track/Ben Kweller (9)
3. Summerteeth/Jeff Tweedy (3)
4. Angeles/Elliott Smith (14)
5. Fool Says/M. Ward (7)
6. Cream and Bastards Rise Reprise/Harvey Danger (10) - a reprise from yesterday's shuffling!
7. Watch Out For Me Ronnie/Yo La Tengo (6)
8. Shaken Baby/Pernice Brothers (8)
9. A King And Queen/Okkervil (10)
10. Eyes on the Prize/M. Ward (18)

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