Friday, March 23, 2007


Spring break has arrived at the Steiner household. Both the Valpo (Grant) and Kankakee Valley school systems (Jill) are on vacation next week and since the Y is tied to Valpo, I am also on break. We don't have any big plans but will definitely enjoy the freedom to do whatever we want. We have limped into this break a bit, though - Grant's fever returned the other day and we took him to the doctor yesterday. Seems he has a sinus infection, so he missed 2 extra days of school. I went and picked up his homework today and it doesn't seem too bad, which means he won't have to spend a lot of time catching up next week.

We took advantage of him being home and finally finished Superman The Animated Series Volume 1. He got it for his birthday back in early August, so it's taken us a loooong time to get through it. Granted, we have allowed ourselves to get sidetracked with other DVD viewing projects but still. It feels good to finally finish it. It's a good show too - science fiction aspects and big villains and cool stories and great animation. All the hallmarks of the great DC animated show of the last 15 years. Next, we are planning on finishing Batman the Animated Series Volume 1, which we started before the Superman DVD. Sigh.

I got back to playing at Front Porch last night, which was good. I could have played Anneliesje's the other night too but I didn't sleep well early in the week. Actually, I haven't been sleeping well all week - one of my periodic bouts of insomnia. I had hoped I would have new songs written for my return to performing after the few week hiatus while Jill's show was running but I'm not there yet. That's one of my goals for the coming week, actually. That, and getting some sleep. So, if I don't post much next week, you'll know why. In any event, I'm happy I don't have to get in a pool for nine whole days!

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