Friday, March 02, 2007


My Amazon box arrived this afternoon and now I have all 6 trades of Hellboy and will be able to reread everything (and in some cases, read for the first time) in preparation for the new mini-series that starts in April. I should also get the movie from Netflix, since I've never seen it (or the animated stuff). I'm looking forward to spending time in Hellboy's world over the next 6 weeks and I suppose I'll have to start catching up on the B.P.R.D. stuff after that. One thing at time, though.

Grant and I put the finishing touches on our viewing of The Simpsons Season 8 about 20 minutes ago, so we can finally cross that off the list. Tomorrow we'll pick up with Batman Season 1 or Superman Season 1 (the animated series, of course). The final Justice League Unlimited DVD comes out in a few weeks too.

I also watched the last couple episode of 24 Season 2 today. A good finish to a good season (the current season has a lot of parallels to this one, actually). I still have a half dozen commentaries and a ton of deleted scenes (I think it's 44) to watch before I can officially call myself done with the DVD - it'll take a few more days at least.

I did managed to finish the Feb. 12 issue of Newsweek yesterday and started on the Feb. 19 issue today. I got the new issue of ESPN The Magazine in the mail yesterday, so I still have a bunch to read (the comics fanboy in me is chomping at the bit to start on Wizard). I didn't even manage any stories in the book I'm reading yesterday, though I have one started at the moment.

I guess I've just been a bit scattered this week. I've been on shuffle mode in iTunes all week, so I wouldn't have to make any decision about what to listen to. I do hope to get some more reading accomplished this weekend and maybe get another song finished. It looks like we may actually have a full band practice next week, which would be fun (and necessary, since we're playing a wedding reception next weekend!).

Guess that's it...

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