Sunday, January 21, 2007


Yes, I've missed my Sunday shuffle. And yes, there's not as much of my music loaded onto iTunes as there used to be but there are still plenty of artists and albums that I can get a variety. No guarantee that this will be back every week but for today it's here once again...

1. PCH One/Pernice Brothers (17) - One of the songs on my Top Ten 2006 mix

2. Palmcorder Yajna/The Mountain Goats (8) - I'm a little obsessed with John Darnielle these days

3. The Chinatown Bus/Bishop Allen (4) - Another song from Top Ten 2006

4. Meet Me in the City/The Black Keys (8) - I've only listened to the Chulahoma EP a couple times through but I love hearing the songs when they pop up in shuffle mode

5. Shot in the Arm/Jeff Tweedy (3) - A digital download for buying his 2006 DVD; it features Jeff screwing up the song for the first 2 minutes

6. The Weakest Part/Yo La Tengo (4) - You know, I just realized I didn't make it all the way through this album the last time I listened to it because it was time to go to bed. I never went back to finish either. Oops.

7. Endless Supply/Pernice Brothers (7) - I listened to a lot of Pernice Brothers the last 4 months or so of the year. Nothing wrong with that at all!

8. Instrumental 2/Wilco (6) - Yes, I purged most of my Wilco from iTunes but my demos from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot are still here...

9. Losin You/Amy Millan (5) - This is really one of the more underrated albums of 2006 and I still haven't listened to it enough

10. Rubies/Destroyer (6) - This is another of those albums I haven't listened to all the way through more than 2 or 3 times but I love hearing the tunes in shuffle

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