Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I listened to 2 more albums last night - Okkervil River's Black Sheep Boy and Sloan's One Chord to Another. We should get a new Okkervil River album in 2007 and Sloan's double album came out in Canada a couple months ago and will get a U.S. release next week (an eMusic grab, for sure).

I also read another story in the Dec. Asimov's - Robert Reed's "Plausible." It's the story of a Winter Solstice parade on a future planet, full of inventive creatures and good writing. A typical Reed story, really; I find him to be one of the best short story writers in any genre. I didn't quite get the ending, though. Happens.

Finally, I continued moving through The Office Season 1 DVD (Jill and I watched the last two eps of the season and the deleted scenes on New Year's Eve) by listening to both commentaries for the pilot episode. I only starting watching the show somewhere in the middle of Season 2, so all of this has been new to me. I absolutely love the interaction between Jim and Dwight...might be my favorite part of the show.

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