Saturday, January 27, 2007


The weekends seem to be my time to catch up on all things computer-related. Not only is this the fourth blog post today (after 4 last Sunday (and yes, I realize that makes it hard to try and read...but it's just the way is is right now)) but I am also catching up on my KEXP listening. I get the playlists from John in the Morning and Cheryl Waters e-mailed to me and then I go through and find the songs I'm interested in hearing on the weekends. Some days I do get to listen to parts of their shows, though this week was not really one of's hard to listen to music when you're working on your own. This also helps to clear out my e-mail folder; I also try to respond to friends on the weekend as well.

The weekends are also where Grant and I tend to make some progress on our stack of DVDs. Last weekend we finished the third disc of The Simpsons Season 8, though we still need to go back and do those commentaries as well as some from the second disc. Today, though, we jumped back into The Batman Animated Series Volume 1 by watching the two-parter, "The Cat and the Claw." That story definitely shows off the strengths of the series with the perfect marriage of two subplots, real emotional development, and, of course, great action.

As for the other stack of DVDs I'm working progress at all this week. I still have 7 episodes left to go of 24 Season 2 and we (Jill and I) are still halfway through the second disc of The Office Season 2. And that's not to mention all the stuff I haven't even come close to looking at.

I did watch the new episode of "24" on TV this week, as well as the return of "Heroes." I thought it was a very good episode to come back with, except for the incomprehensible voiceover by Mohinder at the end - can we please get rid of those? And the terribly overblown introduction at the beginning? A simple "Previously On..." would suffice.

Last week's issue of Entertainment Weekly (got through that and the one from the week before this week) had a story on "Friday Night Lights" and the propsects that it may not survive to a second season. I hope it does. Football is such a small portion of the show and the rest is extremely well-done relationships and consequences of actions. And an extremely good-looking cast. I know I've talked about it before but I want to do my part (however small) at trying to build an audience.

"Knights of Prosperity" was another funny episode with lots of greatness from Rockefeller. The more I watch "30 Rock," the more I appreciate it; this week was a rerun (but new to me) featuring Alec Baldwin's character attempting to overcome stiffness in acting. Hilarious. And last Sunday's return of "Battlestar Galactica" was very welcome (as was the outcome of the football games).

I started reading my first book of the year this week as well and I hope to have it finished by the end of the day. I have around 80 pages left to go, so it's doable. You should find out what it is soon enough.

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