Thursday, January 11, 2007


I didn't get around to much of anything yesterday. The huge post and three-and-a-half hours straight in the water and errands and cooking and all of that took up most of my day. Still, I did manage to ingest some small helpings of pop culture.

Two new TV shows last night - "Friday Night Lights" and "Knights of Prosperity." The first gave us the least amount of football yet, as the cast was waiting around to find out if they'd back into the playoffs (in an ep titled "What to Do While You're Waiting"). Lots of relationship work between Matt Saracen and his father, Smash and Waverly, Tyra and her mother, and Lyla and Jason. I'm not sure who the music supervisor is for the show but they do a great job - last week's ep had Tom Petty, Spoon, and Sparklehorse and while I don't know specifics from last night the music was just as appealing. Plus, it's all wrapped up with Exlposions in the Sky.

The other show made me laugh just as much as the first episode last week, if not more. "Operation: Seduce Simone" was just that - they sent their virgin intern to occupy the women with all of Mick Jagger's security codes. The writing is sharp and the cast is great - both Gary and Rockafella threaten to steal the show each time. And I think Simone was played by the actress who played Michelle on "24."

Speaking of "24," I only managed one episode of Season 2 yesterday. That brings me to 9 PM on that day's timeline. They thought they had the bomb...but they didn't. And President Palmer learns something he already knew in his heart. Oh, and Kim Bauer makes another mistake.

I also read 52 #36, which features the death of one of my favorite characters, the continuing decline of another favorite, a return to form for another character (never one of my favorites), a huge clue in the mystery of Supernova, and really solid art from Jamal Igle and Keith Champagne in a story titled "How to Win A War in Space."

I listened to parts of albums by The Shins, The Mountain Goats, and The Autumn Defense and watched the usual sports-related stuff as well.


tom said...

I now think that Supernova is Ray Palmer, but I really want him to be Booster Gold in some form or another.
52 has been dragging lately, and seems to be a really fast read but I constantly wonder "what happened" as I get to the end of the issues.

and Knights of Prosperity was incredibly funny.
not just the dredel props, not just the "this little light of mine" singing, not just the scummy guy that plays Christopher's sponsor on the Sopranos. it's just good.

how's everything else? we need to email better.

Justin said...

I thought it was Ray Palmer too but it turns out you got your wish. And I got my wish too - Animal Man isn't dead!

Are you still using AIM at all, Tom?