Sunday, December 23, 2007


I've got a cold that turns into a cough at times and I haven't slept very well for a week. On the plus side, it's almost Christmas! My brother has arrived my NJ and my cousin drove up from Evansville (though she has to leave tomorrow and work on Christmas...she's a newspaper photographer), so we've spent some time together already. I have to get up early to be at the Y at 4:45 tomorrow morning so I can open the pool but I'll be done at 8:30. A nice little nap will get me set for the party after church and then on to Christmas day. Anyway, enough about me; here's the music...

1. All The Things That Go To Make Heaven And Earth/New Pornographers (13)
2. No Name #6/Elliott Smith (8)
3. Love In Mind/Neil Young (3)
4. Mr. Tough/Yo La Tengo (15)
5. Cherbourg/Beirut (3)
6. Personal/Stars (4)
7. Red Right Ankle/The Decemberists (8)
8. Pretty in Pink (live)/The National (2)
9. Dead Man/M. Ward (8)
10. If It Works/Tokyo Police Club (10)

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