Sunday, December 09, 2007


It's another progress report weekend, my last for 2007. I've already done 5 classes worth and want to get through 4 more today (one of which has 8 students and another that has 6). That will take care of all my normal classes and would leave 4 classes that I had to take in my capacity as the assistant in charge of swimming lessons, which I can do as the week progresses.

This also happens to be my 400th post to this blog and it's appropriate that it's a Sunday Shuffle, as today's edition means 16.75% off all my posts have been Sunday Shuffles. It took me 5 months and 3 days to get from #300 to #400, after taking 5 months and 1 day to get from #200 to #300. Guess I've been pretty consistent.

Anyway, here is today's batch of 10 songs...

1. Don't Be Denied/Neil Young (3)
2. The Thanks I Get/Wilco (5)
3. Jeff Buckley Moves to Memphis (2001 Demo)/The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers (11)
4. Candy Cane Crawl/The Twilight Singers (13)
5. Change My Life/Spoon (12)
6. Cheer It On/Tokyo Police Club (12)
7. Astro/The White Stripes (4)
8. Shaken Baby/Pernice Brothers (10)
9. I Understand/Sloan (13)
10. Soft & Warm/Voxtrot (5)

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