Saturday, December 08, 2007


Grant and I had a fair amount of time where we were the only two home today and we used that opportunity to catch up on some cartoon watching.

This morning we watched an episode of Legion of Super-Heroes from last Saturday, where Superman and some others shrank into the bottle city of Kandor to fight against Imperiex. Brianiac 5 delved into a subroutine and was possibly corrupted by the original Brianiac...something to watch in future episodes. It was a solid episode.

This afternoon we watched today's rerun of Karate Kid's induction into the Legion (we'd missed it the first go-around). It had Grimbor as the villain, who I remember from the comics, and also saw the induction of Nemesis Kid (that won't end well). It also had a nice spotlight on Chameleon Boy and a glimpse of some other old favorites during a quick Legion audition scene. Everything was great, except for another appearance by Imperiex - they have used him waaaay too much this year. Still, I'll take it to have the Legion on TV.

Tonight we decided to delve back into The Simpsons Season 9. I wasn't sure where we'd left off in listening to the commentaries; we started on "Lisa's Sax" but I remembered the opening lines and we moved along. We actually did three commentaries tonight (on "Treehouse of Horror VIII," "The Cartridge Family," and "Bart Star"), finishing off disc 1 after more than 3 months. Really, we need to make more of an effort.

We are now all caught up on stuff from the DVR and we might actually get in a rhythm of watching some more of The Simpsons. It would be fun.

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