Sunday, December 16, 2007


Bit of a later start than usual - it's 1:30. Why? Well, Jill got up at 4:30 this morning to shovel and then go get in a line at K-Mart for a Nintendo Wii. It was our second real shot at it - I was second in line when the shipment arrived at Game Stop on Friday...but they didn't have any. K-Mart was opening at 6:00 this morning and had advertised them; Jill was given a ticket and waited in the car until they openned. She got one and was back home by 6:30. So, Christmas is officially made.

Beyond that, we got tons of snow overnight and had lots to dig and snowblow out. Our neighbor had a heart attack earlier this week, so we took care of her house as well as ours. It took Jill and I working together almost 2 hours to get it all done. Then we had to run to the grocery store and eat lunch and here it is heading towards the middle of the afternoon.

Anyway, here's 10 random songs from iTunes...

1. Been There All the Time/Dinosaur Jr. (5) - also on the iPod
2. Isn't Life Strange?/The Clientele (8)
3. I Was Meant for the Stage/The Decemberists (8)
4. Van Occupanther/Midlake (7) - also on the iPod
5. Sugar Never Tasted So Good/The White Stripes (4)
6. We Were Patriots/The Mountain Goats (8)
7. Golden Eyes/Sloan (11)
8. wordgamething/Kathleen Edwards (7)
9. 30 Gallon Tank/Spoon (4) - from the 30 Gallon Tank EP
10. The Swish/The Hold Steady (33)

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