Sunday, December 09, 2007


I was having a dream this morning that I was hanging out with my mom playing the guitar. I accidentally bumped into her leg and started singing a little couplet about it. I liked the couplet and soon I was writing it down in my notebook, though I wasn't writing very legibly. I was also playing some chords that I was working on the other day and it fit with a melody I was playing with. Then I woke up. I remembered the lyrics and after a minute I'd thought of another couplet to go with it. I'm just amazed. If this song works out, I'll have started it in a dream singing off the top of my head. Wow.

Speaking of wow, my wife's friend just called (at 7:30 on a Sunday morning) to see if she wants to go to Indianapolis with her. Why? Heather is taking her daughter and her daughter's friend to go see Hannah Montanna and her cousin bailed on her. So, Jill is going to give up her day to go see Hannah Montanna. It's already a very odd day.

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