Sunday, July 01, 2007


I've already been to O'Hare and back this morning; my parents are flying to Europe today for a couple weeks of being in Switzerland and Italy. Traffic was pretty good - it only took me about 80 minutes each way. I listened to half of Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band/Live in Dublin, all of The White Stripes/Icky Thump, and just over half of Ben Kweller/Ben Kweller. And now it's time for ten random songs from iTunes...

1. Injustica/Kathleen Edwards (12)
2. Going Nowhere/Elliott Smith (5)
3. Nature of the Experiment/Tokyo Police Club (9)
4. Getting Saved/Portastatic (13)
5. Sparks/The Broken West (14) - finally changed the info for the EP
6. Jen, Nothing Matters to Me/Irving (2)
7. Magnetic Heaven/Slobberbone (14)
8. Skinny Boy/Amy Millan (11)
9. Penny and Jack/The Essex Green (18)
10. Mapped By What Surrounded Them/The Twilight Sad (3)

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