Sunday, July 08, 2007


On Friday afternoon, the three of us went to go see Transformers. When I first heard they were doing a movie I was skeptical but I was won over by the trailer. I don't necessarily consider myself a fan of the cartoon series, though I used to watch it from time to time. I only remembered the main concepts of Autobots and Decepticons and specifics like Optimus Prime and Megatron. So, I didn't have any high expectations for what I thought the movie should be. It turned out to be a great summer movie.

First of all, the movie is very funny. One-liners abound from characters both robotic and human. Second, the action sequences are very cool (though sometimes it gets hard to tell what you're seeing). The transformations themselves are handled very well too and there are plenty of them. Third, Shia LeBeouf is very watchable and charismatic even as he's playing a misfit. You get why the potential love interest falls for him (she's a cutie too). Fourth, John Turturro is awesome. You get the point. This is not a deep movie but it is a perfect summer blockbuster and I had a ton of fun watching it.

Last night I watched a movie I had never seen before (and you can all guess what it is from this entry's title, I'm sure). My friend Andrea loaned me Fight Club months ago, when she found out I'd never seen it. I told her it would take me a while to get around to watching it and I was right. But last night seemed the perfect night for it - a hot steamy evening in July.

I liked it. I'd heard about the big twist long ago, of course, but I thought it was pretty obvious throughout the movie what was happening. It's disturbing. Very disturbing in places. The ramblings of Tyler Durden are both appealing and revolting. The end is disturbing after 9/11. But the performances of Ed Norton and Brad Pitt pull you along, as well as Fincher's always appealing directorial style. The soundtracks certainly adds to the overall feel as well. One thing, why would you be attracted to Helena Bonham Carter the way she is in that movie? Yeck. I am glad I finally got around to watching it and I may need to watch it again some time.

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