Saturday, January 19, 2008


Jill and I watched 3:10 to Yuma last night and we liked it a lot. Russell Crowe and Christian Bale are excellent as two men on opposite sides of the law who see themselves in the other and there is a lot of great Western action - gun battles, horses, and so on. But as I thought about how I would review the movie for the blog, I instead started thinking about why I love pop culture. I love the variety.

It's not just the variety of the medium either, it's also the variety within those mediums. I don't understand people who stick to certain types of movies or books or music, people who will dismiss out-of-hand certain genres or say TV is a waste. Why would you want to cut out so many possibles or seeing or hearing and reading something new, something that could speak to you in a whole new way?

If I look at the pop culture I've ingested since the start of last weekend to right now, I find...

* Short stories from fantasy to SF to horror

* A four hour documentary on one of the great rock bands

* A trippy super-hero comic

* A show about teams racing around the world

* A show about Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends

* A book about a man obsessed with movies who discovers a secret about Movies

* A show about teams trying to lose as much weight as they can

* A super-hero comic about time travel, friendship, and the DC Universe

* Another comic about super-heroics and politics and an incursion from an alternate world

* A show about a cop who may have time-traveled to 1973

* A Western that is as much about character as about good versus evil

* A book about a man in upstate New York that I'm still sinking into

And that doesn't even mention the music, new and old. How can one resist? How can one not think about the possibilities of pop culture to come? I know I have a comic about zombies and more short stories and a bunch of new albums coming up in the very near future. I love pop culture. I love the variety. Man, I love the variety.

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