Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I just finished Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo a short while ago. It's a hefty book and a good one. What's it about? Optimism, pessimism, love, lust, the lies we tell each other and ourselves. What it means to call a place or people your home. It's the second of Russo's novels I've read (Empire Falls being the other) and I suppose I'll get around to his other work at some point. Wonder if this one will be adapted as well?

It's the 4th book I've read this year, which is a pretty good total. On the other hand, I have five SF magazines piled up and a couple of trades and a bunch of stuff on the DVR. I'll take the next week or so to sort through all of that before I pick up another book. Probably.

The last two days have also seen me pick up my first music of the new year - Drive-By Truckers (Brighter Than Creation's Dark) and The Whigs (Mission Control). The former is a long, sprawling record that will take a few more spins before I can get a handle on it but I've been enjoying it thus far; the latter is a really good rock record. More on both of those in the near future... or not. You know how it is.

And speaking of how it is, I'm about ready to go to bed. It's only 10:11 but hey, I'm tired. Why fight it?

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