Sunday, December 03, 2006


It's the only post I don't have to think about and since this week was a busy one coming off of a busy weekend when we weren't home...this is all I have to show for the week. Hopefully, I'll post some actual material this week. I did download a couple new albums this week and loaded another one onto iTunes, so we'll see if any show up here....

1. Mr. Grieves/TV on the Radio (9) - A Pixies cover done a capella. Brilliant.

2. Handshake Drugs/Wilco (10) - I've really been enjoying A Ghost is Born tracks when I hit them in shuffle or when Tweedy has done them solo; I really need to listen to the album as a whole again.

3. Powder Burns/The Twilight Singers (7) - The title track from this year's album, which I don't think I've talked about. It's great moody rock and roll. I actually listened to this in the car this week.

4. The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine/Spoon (3) - The new Spoon album can't come out fast enough.

5. A Very Good Idea/Material Issue (5) - I wonder if Material Issue would still be together today if Jim Ellison hadn't killed himself. Well, we have three albums at least.

6. Broken Beads/New Pornographers (4) - One of Dan Bejar's contributions to their most recent album; has anyone heard the Swan Lake album? Worth downloading?

7. California Stars/Jeff Tweedy (3) - I like that you could download these tracks with a purchase of the new DVD. I'm such a Tweedy guy it's sick.

8. Little Round Mirrors/Harvey Danger (39) - Obviously, I've to this song more than any others on iTunes this year. It never gets old.

9. Sell Your Hair/Pernice Brothers (1) - This is off of Discover a Lovelier You, last year's offering from Joe Pernice. I like the new one more but this is still a good album. And no, this is not the album I just loaded this morning.

10. Carolina/M.Ward (7) - This comes from an early EP, Scene From #12, and is the best song on it. And with Ward's music, that's saying something.


Tom said...

nothing wrong with liking Jeff Tweedy too much. or working to find the "too much."

hope things are going well, Nitsuj. would love to hear more about your musical adventures.


Justin said...

I'm planning a Year of 35 update for the near future, Tom. How's things with you?