Friday, December 08, 2006


Hard to believe this is the tenth download period already...

Aimee Mann/One More Drifter in the Snow - An Aimee Mann Christmas album - how could I not get this? It's good, of course, and I play on listening to it for many many Christmases to come.

Belle and Sebastian/The Life Pursuit - My brother brought his record player and a selection of vinyl to PA for Thanksgiving and I got to listen to quite a bit. I'd heard a few songs off of this (thanks to TJ) but hadn't gotten around to it. One listen to the whole thing and I had to get it. Really digging "Another Sunny Day" and "Dress Up in You."

Amy Millan/Honey From the Tombs - I really like the Stars album from last year, so I thought I'd give this a shot. It's mostly a folk record, though there's some interesting musical jumps within songs. More importantly, it's good. "Baby I" is a great great song.

Sloan/One Chord to Another - Here's another album I grabbed thanks to my brother. I'd heard good things about Sloan and he brought this CD with him to Indiana back in October. I liked it and now I've got it. Key track through the first few listens is "Autobiography."

The Whigs/Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip - I've been hearing good things about this band and finally decided to give it a shot. Glad I did. Solid rock and roll band from the South with a number of great songs - "Violet in Furs," "Written Invitation," and "Technology" are all keepers.

Tokyo Police Club/A Lesson in Crime - A new band on the scene. I'd call 'em a cross between The Strokes and Arcade Fire. A 7 song EP that's over in 16 minutes. My new favorite song ever is "Citizens of Tomorrow."


Anonymous said...

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Justin said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Matthew. I need to get on MySpace yet, which I plan to do before the end of the year. See ya at the Porch...