Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I was going to post this last week but didn't get around to it. I'm reading these issue when they come out (on Wednesdays), so I'll try and be a bit more timely with my posts. Anyway...I thought this issue definitely delivered on the promise of the first. Now maybe this was because it only focused on the characters and situations I found interesting in #1. Or maybe it was just good.

Ralph Dibny learns more about what is going on at his wife's grave and the mystery of it leads him to twitch his nose just a bit; perhaps this will lead to the Elongated Man taking up his detective role once again.

Booster Gold visits Dr. Will Magnus (who created the Metal Men) to make sure nothing is wrong with his robotic companion Skeets. He doesn't seem to think so but later on a plane rescue turns out more difficult than anticipated due to more misinformation from Skeets. Another mystery.

Speaking of mysteries, we see Magnus visiting T.O. Morrow, another brilliant man who is also a criminal. Morrow is told that his creation, the android hero Red Tornado, has perished in the recent battles; Morrow mentions one of Tornado's brothers, the Red Inferno. We also learn that someone is rounding up mad scientists, which explains Dr. Sivana's disappearance last issue.

The other major action of the issue is between The Question and Renee Montoya. He acts all mysterious but ends up hiring Renee to do some detective work. Plus, there's a scene of two women sleeping together (really sleeping, perverts), which you don't see too often in a mainstream super-hero comic.

The end solves a mystery to a certain extent but raises another bigger one and then we're on to the back-up feature giving us the history of the DC Universe in our newly-streamed timeline.

I say, give me more, as long as it's as appealing as this issue. Guess I'll find out tomorrow...


tom said...

both issues have seemed very solid, I felt.

after the letdown I felt (and I know you said you felt) after Infinite Crisis 7 it's nice to feel all geeked-up again.

and the cameos in the first two issues have been great - so many heroes from different eras, hopefully they get time to at least mention them all by name, if not feature them somehow in the story.

Justin said...

And I know I'll find other things to enjoy in upcoming issues, what with Animal Man and Adam Strange and Ambush Bug to be featured (to name only the As).