Monday, May 15, 2006


My regular eMusic subscription hit its second cycle on April 15. I get 40 downloads a month for $9.99, have no complaints about the service at all, and would recommend it to those of you looking to get as much music as you can. Commercial over. I grabbed 4 albums this time around...

The Black Keys/Chulahoma - This is an EP of Junior Kimbrough covers. I like the Keys and this sounds good after a couple listens. Their new full-length should be out later this year too.

Centro-Matic/Love You Just the Same - I've rambled on about how much I love Fort Recovery and I had to go back and pick up some of their older work. This album is pretty darn great too.

The Essex Green/Cannibal Sea - Trevor put a track from this in his April mix and I liked it. What really sold it was hearing "Penny and Jack" on KEXP. It's a pop album with interplay between male and female voices. How can I resist?

The Black Angels/Passover - I first heard this band on KEXP last year and really liked the songs off their self-titled EP. I never did get around to buying that but three of the songs are on the new full-length. It's heavy rock in the Velvet Underground vein, hypnotic and catchy (though it can blend together a bit). I also grabbed the remaining tune from the EP.

My new download period started today and I'm not sure what I'll pick up. But that's the fun, isn't it?


Trevor Jackson said...

I'm silly nuts for those crazy Essex Green children. "Cardinal Points" still rocks the house down. I'm also still trying to get Nicole to start a band with me.

I'll look into these Angels of the Black you describe.

KEXP is about 70% responsible for the bands I fall in love with. May the heavens shine down on Cheryl Waters.

Justin said...

Hey, being in a band is easy. :) Tell Nicole it will help her get chicks. ;)

I listen to John in the Morning more than Cheryl Waters but they are both great. That's the best station ever. And I glommed onto The Black Angels at the same time as Silversun Pickups.