Sunday, April 20, 2008


I've managed to hack the DVR back down to my being only one week behind again. Of course, it helps that In Treatment ending a couple weeks ago. However, I captured the last 3 episodes of the 3rd season of Doctor Who yesterday; I'd like to watch them again before I start on the new season (the first ep of which is already recorded) now that I know more about the show and Torchwood.

Speaking of Torchwood, I'm down to only one episode left on the DVR and it's last night's season finale. Today I watched last week's penultimate episode and it was a really good one. A bomb trapped four members of the team and as they were dug out, we saw how they became involved with the outfit. Very interesting. And the finale promises to be a humdinger too.

I also have the final episode of the first season of Mad Men sitting on the DVR. Not sure why I didn't tune into the series when it originally aired but I'm glad AMC ran it again. Looking forward to seeing how things ended so I can start getting excited about the upcoming 2nd season.

I think there's only one remaining episode of Human Giant yet to air as well; I still have one on the DVR.

The final episode of John Adams aired tonight, which means I still have 2 to watch. That's been a very good series as well and I absolutely love the musical theme.

That about covers what I have left to watch...except for the Knight Rider movie from February. We'll get around to it some day...

Oh, and I now have 3 eps of Battlestar Galactica, which I'm saving until I can get Jill through all the DVDs. I know she'll like the show and you all should be watching it too. I looooved Friday's episode and can't wait until next week...

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