Sunday, October 21, 2007


The Bears play the Eagles in a must-win situation this afternoon; we get a Game 7 in the ALCS in Boston tonight; I need to finish up my progress reports and want to read as much of the Oct./Nov. issue of Asimov's as I can. Oh, and laundry. To top it all off, it's supposed to reach 80 degrees today.

1. She's Not Shy/Irving (4) - also on the iPod
2. Everybody Wants You/Sloan (12)
3. It Looks Like Love/Josh Rouse (10)
4. The Good In Everyone/Sloan (8)
5. Elsinore/The Essex Green (16)
6. Adventures In Solitude/New Pornographers (7) - also on the iPod
7. Another Way I Could Do It/Sloan (11)
8. 5 Years/Kathleen Edwards (9)
9. Better Times Are Coming Our Way/Cracker (9)
10. Some New Town/Slobberbone (16)

Three songs from Sloan and five songs in double digits? Highly unusual...

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