Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I only played one open mic in September, at Front Porch Music. My plan was to play a second at MoOOM the day after but I was the only one who showed up to play. Since then I've been very busy at the Y and lately I'm in the water again until at least 6:00 four night a week, which doesn't leave much voice or energy to go and play. I do miss it and hope to get to a couple in Oct.

Sept. 6 - Could Have Been; Dear Prospective Employer

I did get an opportunity to play the night no one else showed up for the open mic; I went back to Tom's house (the host) and did a performance with him and an interview for his You Tube show. His guitar playing really adds another dimension to the song and when I get around to recording it I will ask him to play on the track. You can check it out at my MySpace page.

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