Saturday, September 01, 2007


I actually played a show in August, as one of the opening acts for Graham. It was a fun night and I made $10. Other than that, I played open mics at three different venues...however, I only played six times total. I did play piano when Graham performed "Bag of Bones" last week. The big news is that I debuted 4 songs in August and wrote another that I have not yet played out (and may not ever). Here's the songs and how many times I played them...

Bitter Pill (debuted Aug. 2) - 4
That's Okay - 3
Dear Propsective Employer - 3
Could Have Been - 2
Decoder Ring - 1
What Will We Do When the Party's Done? - 1
Let's Get Married Tonight - 1
Toll Booth Operator (debuted Aug. 23) - 2
Play Pretend (debuted Aug. 23) - 3
Nothing You Can Say (debuted Aug. 27) - 1

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