Monday, September 17, 2007


Over the weekend I remembered to DVR an episode of Doctor Who. I've been hearing good things about this latest series but have never managed to catch it. It's not like I've been a longstanding fan of the series as a whole either, though I did watch a bit of it with my father back in the 80s on PBS. It was fun stuff but I never made a long-term commitment and certainly couldn't debate the merits of the different actors who have played the Doctor over the years. But I know the general idea of the series and about the Tardis and the Daleks and that's enough to pick a random episode to watch.

This particular episode, "Blink," started with a woman going into an abandoned house and taking pictures. While there, she discovers some writing behind some wallpaper that contains a message to her from the Doctor advising her to duck. And that sends Sally Sparrow on a rather interesting journey. We get time travel. We get DVD Easter eggs featuring the Doctor that reproduce his half of a conversation he has with Sally in the future (sounds confusing but makes perfect sense in the episode and is extremely cool and funny). The villains seems really stupid at first - stone angels that move when you're not looking - but turn into something very creepy and cool by the end of the episode. Time is a wobbly ball, we learn. And I learned that I need to keep watching Doctor Who.

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