Sunday, June 03, 2007


Today is going to be final entry of this feature. I know I stopped it for a while once before and then brought it back but it has really run its course. Chances are the blog is going to go through some changes and this is one of them. Forty of these is plenty. I will make it a "double issue" on the way out since I'm working on my progress reports and will have to sit here for a while. RIP, Sunday Shuffle...

1. Mr. Tough/Yo La Tengo (12)
2. Theologians (live)/Jeff Tweedy (5)
3. Chill Out/The Hold Steady (17)
4. Jet Stream/Brendan Benson (11)
5. The Gymnast, High Above the Ground/The Decemberists (4)
6. Don't Tell Your Eyes/Joseph Arthur (13)
7. No Backbone/The Lemonheads (10)
8. Song For Sunshine/Belle and Sebastian (8)
9. The World Stops Turning/Ted Leo + Pharmacists (4)
10. Bad Dreams/M. Ward (5)
11. Nobody But You/The Black Keys (8)
12. Ocean of Noise/Arcade Fire (10)
13. December/The Lemonheads (10)
14. Failed Queen/Shearwater (10)
15. Bloodhounds On My Trail/The Black Angels (9)
16. Change My Life/Spoon (10)
17. the sun fell on you (ps 119:82)/The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers (22)
18. Skinny Boy/Amy Millan (10)
19. Non-Pythagorean Composition 1/Apples In Stereo (5)
20. Miss Misery (Early Version)/Elliott Smith (5)

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