Friday, June 01, 2007


Yes, it's that time again...time for me to list all the pop culture I've ingested over the last month. Some of it I've already written about; some not. The usual drill.

I read 3 books in May, one of which was a Harry Potter reread. That brings my total to 14 for the year. You may recall I had set myself a goal of 5 books for the month. Obviously, that didn't happen. If I'm to make my goal of 40 for the year, I should have 20 done by the end of June. If I couldn't do 5 last month, how will I do 6 this month? Not likely but I will give it a try.

I read 7 stories in May, bringing my total to 80 on the year. I've read most of those stories in the last couple days, when I finally dove into the April/May issue of Asimov's. It was the least amount of stories I've read in a month this year. And with 6 books to read, I don't know what the coming month will bring.

My comics totals are keeping in line with stories, as I read only 7 comics in May and a total of 80 for the year. For the first time this year, I read more trades than single issues (4 to 3). With only one more single issue I plan to pick up, that trend will continue. Those trades include the last 2 volumes of my Hellboy project, Y: The Last Man, and the first volume of All-Star Superman.

I bought, downloaded, or received 13 CDs in May. That's my biggest month of the year and brings my 2007 total to 47. One of those (Ben Kweller's latest) is a duplicate of something I got last year but it's an actual CD as opposed to mp3s, which is cool. I also got 2 songs, bringing that total to 10 on the year. A good month.

I saw 3 movies this month, which is fitting since they were all third movies in a series - Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. I've seen 7 movies so far and that was the most I've seen in a month. June looks to break that record, though.

As for DVDs, I'm not sure again. I don't really keep track. I watched Music & Lyrics. I showed The 40 Year-Old Virgin to Graham, who had never seen it. I watched The Big Lebowski again last weekend. Grant and I watched some episodes of Superman Animated Series Vol. 2. And Jill and I abandoned For Your Consideration. That might be it.

So, that's the month. I'm not going to be working as much in June, so maybe I'll have more time to continue sucking at the pop culture teat.

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