Friday, June 29, 2007


I forgot to do this at the end of last month, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone...


I played 7 open mics in May - 4 times at Front Porch Music and 3 times at Anneliesje's. Here are the songs I played and how many times I played them, along with other pertinent information...

Until the Weather (4)
Let's Get Married Tonight (4)
Dear Prospective Employer (5)
Heavy Metal Drummer (1) - a Wilco cover
A Phase (1)
Decoder Ring (1)
Woke Up (1)
Gonna Write A Book (2) - debuted on the 29th
That's Okay (2)
International Small Arms Traffic Blues (1) - a Mountain Goats cover done with a friend sitting in on guitar; it was completely impromptu


In June I played 6 times - twice at Anneliesje's and 4 times at Front Porch. The first time I played Anne's, however, was another first for me - I was the host. That meant I got extra time to play (a half hour) and then had to make sure everyone else was set up. It was a fun night and I earned some money for it too. Here's the statistical breakdown...

Decoder Ring (1)
Dear Prospective Employer (2)
Gonna Write A Book (1)
That's Okay (3)
Ring of Fire (2) - a Johnny Cash cover with harmonica
Let's Get Married Tonight (1)
Stolen Car (1) - a Bruce Springsteen cover with harmonica
Could Have Been (4) - debuted on the 14th
In the Dark (2) - debuted on the 26th
Atlantic City (1) - another Bruce Springsteen cover

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