Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I finished T.C. Boyle's latest, Talk Talk, this afternoon. I liked the book quite a bit; in fact, it may be right up there with The Tortilla Curtain as my favorite of his novels. The themes of identity and communication were handled in a variety of ways and the writing was outstanding as usual. I've heard talk of readers being dissatisfied with the ending but I didn't have that problem at all - I was expecting something it to be something other than it was. A resolution, a realization. Recommended.

I'm in one of those periods where I've been starting posts and then erasing them. I don't feel my communication skills are at their highest at the moment. It also seems I don't have that drive to post as much when the band is active with practice or shows. We practiced Monday and play tomorrow, so that could explain the restlessness.

Anyway, I've now read 20 books and have just under 5 months to read 20 more to reach my goal. I've got a book ready to go; we'll see how long it takes.

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