Sunday, August 06, 2006


I watched Wilco at Lollapalooza via the webcast earlier tonight, saving "Deadwood" and "Entourage" for tomorrow. I can't pass up a chance to see my favorite band in action; I've only seen them in person once (that needs to change on their next big tour). They played a mixture of songs from the last three records, plus four new songs. Of those, I really liked "Walken" and "Let's Fight," though I enjoyed the other two as well. Jeff Tweedy started talking about the reason why they are back in Chicago before he got sidetracked by security hauling someone away...I assume he was going to say they're finishing recording the next album. Which means it will probably be early 2007 before we see it. I can't wait.


tom said...

wooooooooo Wilco.

have you seen any of the clips of the Flaming Lips? they're all over YouTube. before I die I need to see a Flaming Lips concert.

Justin said...

I've seen the clip everywhere but haven't watched one yet. Not sure why the webcast didn't feature them, frankly.